10 March 2014

Local tourism company, Solomon Host’s operational capacity is being boosted with the opening of its new training room last week.

The room which can accommodate more than 20 people at one time has become the new pride of the local firm as for the first time training can be made available to the general public.

The spacious room was initially and partly sponsored by Ministry of Commerce, Industries and Employment who assisted out with the furniture of the newly refurbished facility.

According to Solomon Host’s owner Joyce Konofilia the new facility will enable the company to offer its training to the interested general public.

“Now the public will have the opportunity to apply and be considered for our highly sought after trainings,” a delighted Ms Konofilia added.

Ms Konofilia also stated that the availability of the training room is a big success for the company in its endeavor to train service providers in the tourism industry.  

"We have come along way and the establishment of the new training room is a milestone achievement for the company," Ms Konofilia stated.

Coinciding with the opening of the new training facility is the acceptance of the first 24 participants from the general public who have graced the new training venue.

The 24 trainees were selected following a paid public advertisement in the media.

They are benefiting from two courses one on introduction to tourism and hospitality services, and the other on quality customer service.

As part of the training, the participants visited the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Solomon Islands Visitors’ Bureau (SIVB) and King Solomon Hotel.

“The visits will allow my students to see and hear on firsthand how the different bodies in the industry work and complement each other,” the Solomon Host entrepreneur said.

“The trainings I offered takes into account the local context of how the industry here works, so the visits are to acquaint my students on how the different actors play out their respective roles,” Ms Konofilia added.  

“The interactive nature of our visit also enables the participants to speak freely and ask questions to the officials of the Tourism Ministry, SIVB and the King Solomon Hotel,” Ms Konofilia explained.

During the excursion to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Rachel Sibisopere who is the Principal Tourism Officer was at hand to provide information on the functions of the ministry.

Mrs. Sibisopere explained the nature of the work of the Tourism ministry and her brief presentation has captured the interests of the visiting students.

At SIVB and King Solomon, the participants have also gained additional knowledge on the respective work of the establishments.

With the availability of the training room, Solomon Host will not only facilitate trainings for the general public but the facility will also be available for public hiring.

Solomon Host is located at NPF Plaza, room 42 and for more information one can walk into the office or call 25155.