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Chamber takes tuna, tourism focus for outreach launch

09 March 2014

A visit by business leaders to the SolTuna cannery and Trimarine processing facility in Noro next week will mark a historic new level of outreach to the Western Province for the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI).

Chamber CEO Jerry Tengemoana and the full board membership led by chairman Tony Koraua are also planning an extensive visit to business houses in Noro, Gizo, Munda and KFPL in Kolombangara.

For the first time ever, the Chamber is hosting its monthly ‘After 5’ Business forum outside of Honiara.

The event will form the platform for SICCI to formally launch its national outreach program to business communities outside of Guadalcanal.

Provincial Premier Pye Robert Kuve is among the prospective speakers and VIP guests who will be in attendance.

“The strategic planning for outreach to the provinces has been happening for some time now, especially given the developments by businesses in the capital providing services to the provinces, the emergence of the Tourism sector, and the focus on entrepreneurship and income generation away from the capital,” Tengemoana said.

“With the Solomon Islands being a model for Pacific nations looking to retain more revenues from fishing in-country, we look forward to visiting the onshore processing facility in Noro and showing our business leaders the value of ventures such as these which involve significant and bold investment in order to reap economic benefits.”

The Chamber CEO is offering an open invitation to business houses that are interested in attending this networking opportunity and extending a warm welcome to any businesses in the Western Province who wish to attend.