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BSP’s branchless banking to Gilbert Camp

07 March 2014

Bank South Pacific (BSP) has brought banking to the heart of East Honiara.

FF Store, owned by Alick Oitala and Fraser Fulesau is now a BSP Agent, and is equipped and able assist BSP customers to do deposits, make withdrawals and open new BSP Accounts in Gilbert Camp and surrounding areas. Customers can also register for BSP Mobile Banking at this agent.

Co-owner Alick Oitala is pleased to assist his community by providing this vital service.

“Gilbert Camp is privileged to access banking services at our door step. We are grateful that BSP agreed to roll out its branchless banking agency here where the community can easily access the services on offer,” said Mr Oitaloa.

“Through branchless banking, BSP has taken a step further in its service delivery by making it easier for people in the outskirts of town to open accounts, do basic banking as well as providing the opportunity for people in the neighbourhood, especially market vendors, to save their earnings. This is something which was not possible in the past,” he adds.

Since commencing as a BSP agent on 28th February, the numbers of customers accessing the services on offer has been steadily increasing, this is testament to the demand for banking services in East Honiara.

BSP, with the assistance and support of Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP), is looking at expanding financial services throughout the country with the objective of bringing more people under financial inclusion.

BSP therefore encourage people living in and around the Gilbert Camp area to visit the F.F Store and utilise the basic banking services now offered there.