12 October 2017
CEO of Pan Oceanic Bank (POB) Mr. Suresh Amerasekera.

POB dismisses Sasako’s Sun reports


PAN Oceanic Bank Limited (POB) has categorically denied the contents of “the malicious, misleading and defamatory article” by freelance journalist Alfred Sasako's news article titled "POB CEO Terminated" which was published on Monday, by Island Sun.

In the article, Mr Sasako claimed that the POB CEO Suresh Amerasekera was being terminated by the Global Management Consultants (GMC) as of 27th September this year, warning the public it would not be responsible for any action or transactions entered into by Mr Amerasekera from that date.

Mr Sasako further stated that it would appear the termination is linked to anonymous emails sent to POB staff in May this year, raising a number of issues against the CEO and two other foreign executive members of the bank.

However in a statement issued by the bank yesterday, it was confirmed that Mr Amerasekera is still the CEO of POB.

The bank has stated that the POB contract with GMC was made null and void by the POB board few months ago.

This means that now, all expatriate staff are no longer employees of GMC but staff of POB.

“The accurate factual position is given below:

1.      The agreement with GMC and POB was rescinded in July 2017.

2.      Consequent to the above, the current CEO who was previously employed through GMC is now being employed directly by POB.

3.      The recruitment and termination of staff is the sole responsibility of the Management and Directors of POB and not with any third parties.

4.      The regulator for banks in Solomon Islands is the Cental Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) and any complaints relating to prudential guidelines should be referred with documentary evidence  to CBSI for investigations.

5.      Any activities, acts or ommissions done by GMC staff or employees under the auspices of GMC is null and void and POB will not take any responsibilities for such acts.

“On the same basis, we categorically state that the further article by Mr Sasako published in the Island Sun N on the 10th October 2017 is false and misleading,” the statement from the Chairman of the Board, Upali de Silva stated.

The statement also added that, POB is fairly having an excellent and cordial relationship with its staff members.