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Wate is new NPF head

11 December 2017
Michael Wate (Right) will replace Tony Makabo (Left) at the start of the new year.

Michael Wate has been appointed the new general manager of Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (NPF).

He replaces Tony Makabo, who has held the post over the last 14 years.

Prior to his appointment, Wate was NPF’s deputy general manager, a position he held for nearly 12 years.

Deputy chairman of the NPF board, Gideon Zoloveke Jnr. said Wate’s appointment has been endorsed by the Minister of Finance and Treasury following the board’s recommendation.

Zoloveke said to take on the challenging leadership role as the new CEO/General Manager, Wate will be ably supported by a team of professional colleague managers who are responsible for different functions within NPF.

“They will offer support to the new CEO/General Manager to efficiently and effectively manage $2.7 billion contribution funds belonging to 132,000 contributing members and also sustain and grow the net assets of the Fund which now stands at $3.1 billion,” Zoloveke said.

He also paid tribute to Makabo, who was general manager since 2003.

Wate, who holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Hawaii, USA, will take up his new role when Makabo retires at the end of this month.