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SMM Solomon Ltd to hand over facility to govt

19 December 2017
The camp base in Santa Isabel which will be handed over to the government for a hospital.

SMM Solomon Ltd , as a subsidiary of Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd in Japan is donating its camp base in Isabel to Government to be converted into a hospital.

SMMS. Managing Director Yoritoshi Ochi will on Tuesday sign a deal with the landowner and the Ministry of Health to seal the deal this afternoon.

A statement from SMM Solomon Ltd yesterday in its invitation to witness the occasion said, SMM Solomon Ltd is donating its prospecting camp facilities located in Leleghia Island in Isabel province to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to be used as a Government hospital as a part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

“We, SMMS, SIG and land owner are going to have a signing ceremony of memorandum of understanding (MOU) at 3pm tomorrow (today) 19th December at the Ministry of the Health.”

The Ministry of Health is expected to issue a statement during the signing.

The mining company decides to donate this office complex and staff dormitory following its move to pull out its nickle operation on Isabel.