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No data on bus numbers in city

11 January 2018
Eddie Ngava

HONIARA City Council has no data of buses operating in the city on public roads over the past years.

This was revealed by City Councillor Eddie Ngava, when he met with the interim Bus task-force on Tuesday.

Spokesperson for the interim bus task-force, Walter Maesugea said Mr Ngava told them that HCC will provide new data of registered buses by end of next month or first quarter of the year.

Mr Maesugea said data is very important to help the task-force know how many buses are operating in Honiara.

He said at the moment it is really difficult to keep track of every bus because of no records.

However, Mr Maesugea believes the Law Enforcement team might have kept record of registered buses in their log book.

“I will pay a visit to the Law Enforcement team to see if they keep any information of the registered buses.

“If their data is available, it will help me to analyse buses in Honiara,” he added.

In the meantime, Mr Maesugea said task-force plans to meet with every bus owner, driver, and conductor next week to get their feedback on the re-introduced long routes.