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Reinventing roles to remain in business

13 January 2018

THIS is a great day for Solomon Islands Postal Corporation.

This sentiment was echoed by Alfred Ghemu, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Solomon Post, during his remarks to stakeholders at the Heritage Park Hotel on Monday.

He said that for a long while now, the corporation has been searching for a way to re-invent its role across the islands.

“The Post Office has been struggling to adapt to changes brought about by the ever changing technological advancement that has been witnessed the world-over,” Mr Ghemu says.

The CEO says that mail delivery has been in decline as a result of the onset of email and other social networking services such as mobile phones.

The emergence of these new technologies has drastically changed the way people stay in touch.

The cost of maintaining infrastructure and services has become far too expensive and hence, new ways to ensure business continuity must be sought, devised and employed.

To remain operational, the Post needs to offer new and innovative services to the people of Solomon Islands especially, women, youth and the rural population.

To satisfy such intention, focus must not only be directed at major towns, but rather inclusive as much as possible.

“Our quest for answers came to an end last year when we contracted a UK Financial Technology Company which helps us launch a fully interoperable Solomon Post mobile service,” the Deputy CEO reflects.

He said that the mobile wallet service, now operated under the name PostPay, is working on any phone and network.

Mr Ghemu reiterates that the service will not interfere with the current mobile network, instead give people access to a full range of financial services such as withdrawing of cash, buying of goods and services, transferring of money, making international payments, paying of bills and micro loans and savings.

The Deputy CEO stresses that the financial access point for all PostPay users is their mobile phones.

He says that the Corporation will be expanding its network, creating employment and empowerment by encouraging women to become super agents.

It is anticipated that once commissioned, the PostPay wallet will reduce costs to stakeholders and hence generate revenue for the community.