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Tenants vacate Auki plaza

05 April 2018
Shops and businesses operating inside Auki plaza have been closed down early this week after the security officers ordered them to vacate the building. [Photos: SOLOMON LOFANA]

THE Malaita provincial government has finally enforced a High Court eviction order and removed all tenants illegally occupying the Auki plaza.

The eviction order was enforced by Malaita provincial security officers and deputy provincial secretary.

They instructed the tenants, who have been operating shops within the building, to vacate the plaza because it will be sold soon to Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (NPF).

The action now paves the way for the Malaita provincial government and NPF to finalise the purchase agreement.

Early this week, 11 tenants were forcefully removed from the building after security officers ordered them to vacate the building.

Malaita provincial government finance minister Joe Heroau earlier explained the decision to sell the plaza to NPF was based on an executive resolution.

He said the Auki plaza building is getting old and needs full renovation in order to regain its value and attract investors to occupy the building.

Mr Heroau said Malaita Province does not have the funds to renovate the building so the best option is to sell it to NPF so that it remains in local hands.

Malaita province deputy secretary Robert Wales Ferateilia confronted Auki plaza tenants and public yesterday to explain the government decision.

Following the confrontation, tenants and members of the public grouped and raised questions on the sale of the building.

The Solomon Star yesterday witnessed tenants removing their remaining properties and equipment from the plaza.

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