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More women top tuna day event

08 May 2018
SolTuna Sales representatives at the event.

Local young women were winners in several competitions run by SolTuna as part of the World Tuna Day celebrations in Noro ov the weekend.

The secondary school speech competition was won by Reena Padabelo of Gizo Community High School, with her winning speech about sustainability of tuna resources.

Meanwhile, the winner of the tuna song competition was also taken out by a female group called Symphona Trios – which judges praised for their beautiful harmonies and moving lyrics.

Two young women were given the crown of Tuna Princess, Miss Paula Hairiu from Goldie College and Miss Isma Kuper from Dunde Community High School in the first competition of its kind.

Women also vied for the prize of best tuna dish, with Mrs Aida Gasimata taking out the prize this year.

SolTuna judges thanked all the competitors for their contributions to the competition, and praised everyone for getting involved in celebrating the importance of tuna to Western Province and Solomon Islands.

World Tuna Day forms an important part in SolTuna and NFD's support for the preservation of the Western Province's unique cultural traditions.

The companies also support the Annual Lagoon Festival usually held towards the end of the year in Munda, the Annual Fishing Competition, the Lagoon Christmas Candlelight program in Noro and other Sporting and Social Events.