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SINTA invest on housing scheme

21 May 2018
Construction underway for the new housing estate of SINTA at Lunga, East Honiara.


Solomon Islands National Teachers Association (SINTA) will soon benefit from ten newly built houses at Lungga area, east Honiara.

The houses are expected to be completed by July.

The ten new houses which are still under construction are the latest development and the first of its kind which comes under the SINTA new executive vision and mission since 2016.

The vision is, instead for SINTA delivering services to members, it is looking at going into investment where not only for sustaining the organization but gain some monetary value.

Education Communication Officer for SINTA, John Kabu said, the development is not only for teachers’ housing but also available for rental to generate revenue for SINTA.

He said the constructions of the building are progressing and now near completion.

“There are only three houses that need wallings, flooring and laying of roofs, but the other seven houses are now at its final stages,” Kabu revealed.

“Our estimated time frame for the completion of this project is around June or July this year,” he added.

He said once the final touch of the building is done, installation of all fittings, electricity and water connection will be made.

Kabu said the project has two phases and completion of the first phase will allow the second phase to be carried out after July.

He said the second phase of the project will involve the renovation and upgrading of the current SINTA building there into a 10 room self-motel.

“What they, (the contractors) only need to do is re-arranging and reshaped the building in a kind of a motel environment.

“At this moment it doesn’t looks like a motel but it will contain five rooms upstairs and five rooms downstairs,” he said.

Mr Kabu said if the two projects are going to complete by end of this year, SINTA is going to earn roughly about 1.5 million from these buildings and house.

Reiterating, “the idea behind these projects is making development for SINTA.”

He said the Construction work is being carried out by more than ten local contractors with the assistance of Mr. Benneth Bulehite as the supervisor.

Kabu then acknowledged the current executive of SINTA to have this vision achieved.

 “This has been a long-time dream for SINTA, so many executives have been gone by but things are not implemented, it’s a long-time plan however there is nothing materialized during those past executives, up until now things are starting to change,” Mr. Kabu boasted.

“Hopefully in the years ahead SINTA will be progressing in a different level,” he concluded.