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Financial education for schools important

25 June 2018
CBSI officer Norman Vavaha educating the students during a 'Money Matters' program organised last week.

The governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) Denton Rarawa says that work to include financial education within the curriculum is now progressing.

Rarawa highlighted this during the 42 anniversary celebration of the CBSI organised in Honiara last week.

“One of the financial inclusion objectives is to integrated financial education into the curriculum, which would have a wider impact and reach to all children and youths in schools throughout the country,” Rarawa said.

“We hope that this work which had started will continue to be prioritised and formally implemented, so that our people are financially literate and economically competitive citizens residing and working in the country,” he added.

He revealed that this is now piloted in four Rural Training Centers (RTC) in the country, thus, hoped that this will be up scaled to other RTCs in having financial education, integrated as part of their leaning.