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Work on cable’s landing sites set to start

29 August 2018

WORK on the construction for the new landing stations for the undersea cable that wil run from Sydney Australia to Solomon Islands will commence as of next month.

A source close to the project told the paper that Fletcher Kwaimani has won the bid to construct the four landing sites infrastructures in Auki, Honiara, Noro and Taro.

The official said from now until April next year work will concentrate on civil works which involves the construction of the landing sites.

“They are expected to start construction work in September,” the official said.

The source also clarified that the issue of high water mark regarding the coastlines where the cable will land is being dealt with by the Ministry of Lands following disputes by various tribal parties in Honiara and Auki.

“At the moment a caveat is being issued to stop the registration of all seafront area in Honiara.

“This means all the registration of the seafront land is being put on halt,” the official said.

As of September civil works will happen in Sydney, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

Following the completion of the construction of landing sites in April next year laying of cable will commence in May 2019.

Laying of cables is expected to take only two months the official highlighted.

“The cable boat will arrive in Honiara and hook up the cable at the landing. So for now its important for us to prepare the landing sites and infrastructure before the cables are being connected,” the source said.

In Honiara, the cable will land at the SMI area at Townground and will head up to the Lengakiki area.

The project is expected to be completed by late next year.

Once completed it would allow for faster internet connection to Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The Australian government is supporting the project with support from the PNG and Solomons government.