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Inaugural flight to Lomlom soon

03 October 2018
Moses Virivolomo, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Communication and Civil Aviation.

LOMLOM airport on Reef Island will soon witness its inaugural flight following its recent test flight on Sunday.

The Ministry of Communication and Civil Aviation Permanent Secretary Moses Virovolomo in a short speech at the Lomlom airport said the test flight is just a start but the inaugural flight is yet to be confirmed after the test flight report is made.

 Mr Virovolomo said for the inaugural flight whether it is officially open or not is not an issue. The issue is to provide the much needed services to the people.

“With other airports we dealt with we never make any opening program or ceremony as part of marking the opening instead we go on straight to provide the service for the people,

“So my good people of Pele, please allow the airport to open and never close it anymore,” he added.

 He said if anybody has an issue with the government or any other people they should sort it outside and avoid disturbing the service.

Mr Virivolomo said Lomlom airport is one of the third closed airports which his taskforce committee successfully opened it alongside other two airports namely Paparasi and Manaoba.

“On behalf of the government and our taskforce, I would like to say that this is the last airport our taskforce committee has opened.

“We have two other airports which have also been closed, Manaoba and Paparasi both in Malaita province and the third is Lomlom,” he added

Meanwhile, the PS said it is likely that the inaugural flights should start towards the end of October or beginning of November 2018.

The SIG delegation included Mr Virovolomo, Director of Civil Aviation Brian Halisanau, under Secretary Philip Mua, Attorney General James Apaniai, the Airport Manager Sylvester and the landowner taskforce representative in Honiara Peter Mateala.

Mr Mateala  said the opening of the airport will really helped in the development of some of the generating income for the rural people in the Pele constituency and will also increase local’s interest in tourism.

“Our islands are so small but in terms of tourism, we have beautiful beaches and by the time the airport opens more business opportunities will be created and more income generating activities will also taking place and people will really enjoy it,” he added.

Services to Manaoba and Paparasi recently commenced over the past months.