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Western farmers to be assisted

27 May 2014

The Western provincial agriculture extension office is working closely with cocoa and coconut farmers to ensure they produce quality products.

The program was an initiative to by the national government to ensure farmers have a quality and marketing products for exporting.

Speaking from  Gizo, chief agriculture officer Samson Timi said that his officers have been working closely with cocoa and coconut farmers since they found out the problem farmers are facing.

“We have found out that the problem our farmers here are fascing is that they have no proper processing units and storage facilities.  

“This is the problem that resulted on their low graded products for international markets”.

“We have started to work closely with famers to install proper processing and storage units to ensure the farmers are meeting the quality international standards for exporting particularly in coco and copra.”

Western Province has been one of the contributors to the national economy in agricultural sector particularly, in cocoa and copra.



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