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Water rate rise

30 January 2019

CUSTOMERS of Solomon Water are expected to see changes in their water bills as of this month.

This followed a 5 per cent increase in tariff Solomon Water had introduced, effective as from 1 January 2019.

Customers in Honiara, Tulagi, Auki, and Noro will be affected by this latest increase.

Chief Executive Officer Ian Gooden says the increase has been approved by the Ministers responsible for Solomon Water and was gazette under the SIWA Act (cap 30) section 24 with reference to the State Owned Enterprise Act 2007.

“Solomon Water’s last tariff increase was in October 2016 and it has remained unchanged since,” Gooden said.

“The increase in rates reflects the cost of providing water to our customers and the continuous improvements and reliability of our services, and also considering the rate of inflation since 2016,” he added.

“A further increase will occur effective 1 January 2020.”

Solomon Water’s Board’s Chairman, Carson Korowa said the organisation provides quality water, which involves water pumped, treated and piped directly to your homes.

“We have recently developed our Strategic Plan which sets out work and services for the next 30 years, and there are many improvements planned, most of which will be funded by our donor partners ADB, European Union and the World Bank,” Korowa said.

“We need to be able to fund our share of the upgrades and keep pace with increases in labour, materials and other inputs to producing safe water for our customers,” he added.

“Solomon Water will also be working harder to improve water loss through leakage and theft, and to continually improve our reliability of supply.”

Solomon Water currently applies the three step tariff system, which gives customers the opportunity to save money when using less water.

“It is important to note that 1 Kiloliter (KL) is equivalent to 5 x 44 gallons drums of water.

“So if a domestic customer can maintain their monthly usage under 15KL they will only be charged at the first step.

“Solomon Water stresses the importance of conserving water and asks the public to report any leakages, faults or illegal water connections.”