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Chan: Govt must venture into manufacturing local products

13 February 2019
Sir Thomas Chan

POWERFUL Honiara Businessman, Sir Thomas Chan is calling on any new government formed this year to work together with international partners and donors to assist local business houses to manufacture local products for export.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Sir Chan said this is trade in partnership and development partners need to assist national government with technical expertise to manufacture our local products for export.

“Venturing into manufacturing industry is a way forward for Solomon Islands to boost employment and stimulate the country’s economy.

He stressed, Solomon Islands is blessed with abundant of resources, but there is a lack of skills and knowledge.

“Thus, it is critical to invite genuine investors to empower our human resources with accurate knowledge and skills.”                                                                                                                            

An important area that any future government needs to deal with too is to establish a robust land reform policy that would attract investors to establish economic developments.

Therefore, Sir Thomas calls on the political parties that will contest the 2019 National General Elections that they must understand logging is depleting and the alternative now is the agriculture sector as an alternative revenue earner for the country.

“This country have good climate compared to overseas countries which have different seasons of planting crops.

“Over here, we have the dry and wet season and we can produce so much and we need to learn from our development partners,” Sir Chan said.

He insists that the National government need to work together with the provinces particularly to ensure their policies is aligned with that of the ruling government to allow their land for economic development. 

Chan urges, the future government must ensure a strong political will to pass proposed land reform laws is fundamental

“Having a tough law on land is a recipe to draw investors to come in Solomon Islands and venture into big economic developments such as tourism, fishing and others.

“…….this can happen if government leaders work together,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sir Thomas is optimistic to see this country become a model in the pacific to export its own product in the world market.

This is what our Melanesian neighbours are doing particularly, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and others.

“Solomon Islanders must take ownership of their resources and not to allow them for exploitation by investors with dirty intention and left us with nothing.”