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Kokonut Pacific launches new coconut products

02 September 2019
Speaking at the launching ceremony Kononut Pacific Managing Director Bob Pollard.

KOKONUT Pacific Solomon Islands limited launched three of its new products on Thursday in Honiara.

They include Coconut Kefir, Coconut Yoghurt and Coconut Niubiks.

The coconut Kefir was made of coconut water and bacteria probiotics, the coconut Yoghurt was made of coconut cream and bacteria while coconut Niubiks was made of coconut meat after the cream was removed from it. 

The new products were a joint project between the Kononut Pacific Solomon Islands Limited with Culture Wellness Limited from Australia.

It was funded by Australian Aid through the Australian Innovation exchange fund.

Speaking at the launching ceremony Kononut Pacific Managing Director Bob Pollard said the intention behind the products is to improve village livelihood across the Solomon Islands.

“Currently we do that through the network of 60 - 70 villages that are producing virgin coconut oil but we realize that there’s a real possibility with the coconut water,” Pollard said.

“So with the partnership of Cultured Wellness, we explored the possibility of using the dry coconut water and make it to a very healthy product called Kefir,’’ he added.

“The idea of Niubiks is to promote the idea of coconut meal using the coconut meat which can be cooked with rice to make it more nutritional.

“So from now on you‘ll be able to buy Kefir, Yoghurt and Niubiks here in Honiara.  

“Our program will also try and make these products available at the village communities were the coconut oils are being produced.”

Pollard also thanked Cultured Wellness and the Australian Government for funding the experiments of the products.

A trial of the products was also done in three villages in three provinces of the 60- 70 villages producing virgin oil.

Director of Culture Wellness Kirsty Wirth also shared her experience in working and testing the coconut water during the launching ceremony.

Deputy Australian High commissioner Sally Anne Vincent thanked Kononut Pacific Solomon Islands and Culture Wellness for the success in making the products which will have an impact on many lives by improving people’s health.