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Landowners praised for offering their land

29 May 2014

A member of the Solomon Island Visitors Bureau (SIVB) board of directors has praised the Kobuana landowners on Bonavesta, Central Island province for willingly offering their land to the government to build an airstrip.

George Satu who is also the director of aviation thanked them for availing their land for airport development.

“This is what we want landowners should do by allowing their land to be developed by government for business purposes like airport, wharf and roads.

“These infrastructures are essential in the economic development of this country which local people will be benefit from. As the aviation director I wish to praise and salute Kobuana landowners for allowing their land to be developed,” he said.

Mr Satu said his department is ready to inspect the island once formalities and formal proceeding between the landowners and government are done.

“This landowners should now consult the ministry of communication and aviation since they willingly surrender their land to the government for such development.”

On behalf of SIVB and national government, he commended Kobuana landowners taking the initiative.

Last week during a visit by officials from the Green Tourism to the island, the landowners have announced their willingness to open their land for airstrip.

Martin Tinoni, the landowners’ rep when contacted yesterday thanked the aviation boss for the encouragement and support by the aviation authority.

He said his family members and tribe would prepare documents for formal consultation and presentation soon.

“We want this island to be developed since we have plans to build resort on our island.”

He said once this airport opens up nearby resorts like Maravagi, Roderick Bay, Tapuipui, Roderick Bay Hideaway and Nuhu Resort on Bonavesta would benefit from this airport.