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More locals graduate from APTC 

26 September 2019
Catherine Node Kota receives her Certificate 3 in Hospitality. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

A TOTAL of 78 students studying under Australia Pacific Technical Coalition (APTC) have graduated on Wednesday during a ceremony in Honiara.

The event marked the successfully completion of their studies.

Most of the studies have been studying for months and years in 15 different technical and vocational courses offered by APTC.

The annual ceremony was held at the Mendana Hotel.

Amongst the 78 graduates 39 of them are women which six of the women are from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) graduating with Certificate IV in leadership and management and others in various programs.

Deputy Prime Minister John Maneniaru was the chief guest.

When delivering the key note address he congratulated the graduates for their achievements as their hard work has now been paid of.

“This year’s event is very special there are equal numbers of men and women graduating in this class which is a milestone for gender equality.

 “I’m please to say that an Australian qualification award is indeed a significant achievement.

“On your graduation today you are in a position to put your internationally recognized workforce here at home or internationally,” he said.

 “I do note that APTC will continue to deliver high quality training to international standards in new and innovative ways in order to contribute to a more skilled, inclusive and productive workforce that enhances pacific prosperity,” he said.

Mr Maneniaru also acknowledged the Australian Government for their assistance through the APTC programs.

A student representative May Metopa on behalf of the graduating class thanked the Australian Government for its vision to establish APTC in Solomon Islands.

“We the graduates would like to convey our profound gratitude and humble thanks to the Australian Government for the APTC program.

“We thank you so much for sponsoring our studies and we are so grateful to you all who have involve to make our training possible and fruitful with success.

“We are very thankful that APTC for giving us a second chance to broaden, strengthen and enlighten our knowledge and skills,” said Ms Metopa.

APTC has been delivering internationally recognized Australian skills and qualification in the Pacific since 2007 across a wide range of programs.

These training programs are enabling pacific islanders to gain skills and qualifications that turn to provide them with employment in a range of vocational carriers.

Those who graduate yesterday are now part of the 1900 Solomon Islanders who have undergone studies at APTC since its establishment in the country. 







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