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Quarantine confiscates seeds

30 May 2014

Officers from the quarantine department within the ministry of agriculture and livestock have confiscated seeds from a number of shops in Honiara which have been sold without any approve permit license.

Chief quarantine officer Max Kolubalona said during an inspection shops located at China Town, Kukum and Ranadi east of Honiara have been found to be selling seeds.

Most of the seeds are being displayed on counters with Chinese languages on them.

The confiscated items have been destroyed.
Kolubalona said his officers were doing their normal inspection and discovered these seeds on display at the shops.

He said more inspections will be conducted at most of the shops and at the Central market.

Those found selling seeds without proper permits will be prosecuted.

Meanwhile Mr Max urged local farmers and general public in Honiara who came across any shop or individual selling seeds without permit to report it to any nearby agriculture office or call quarantine head office on phone 24657.



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