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Air Nuigini to re-open Honiara office

30 May 2014

AIR Niugini’s sales office in Honiara, Solomon Islands, will be re-opened on Monday to look after interest of customers in the region, chief executive Simon Foo said.

He said: “It is important to have an office to take care of Air Niugini customers because this will expand our market and further strengthen our presence in the Pacific especially the Melanesian countries.”

The general sales agents will be handling the airline’s operations in Honiara, Fiji and Vanuatu.

The new office will be located on the second floor of the Anthony Saru building opposite the PNG High Commission Office in Honiara.

“The airline’s initiative to re-open a sales office has been well received by the locals and the PNG High Commission in Honiara,” Air Niugini Honiara port manager Apisolom Kaili said.

Kaili said PNG business houses in Honiara and the high commissioner have showed support in opening the office.
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