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KOSI launches new tuna product

14 December 2019
Bob Pollard, Managing Director of Kokonut pacific SI. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

KOKONUT Solomon Islands (KOSI), formerly Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands, on Friday launched one of its newest products called Tuna in Kokonut oil.

The launch took place during the Strongim Bisnis Christmas market yon the street of Honiara near the underpass next to the ITA Hardware. 

Managing Director Bob Pollard said the Tuna was originally from the Soltuna but the oil used is from the coconut oil from Solomon Islands and not imported oils like in other Soltuna products.

Pollard said it was an agreement with Soltuna to have the product labelled with their name because of their oil products.

“It’s a new product and as we all know, tuna is one of our main food and with this initiative, we want to encourage our people to eat our locally made oil as they are more healthier than any other imported oils we have.

“The other good thing of buying our locally made oil or products is because our local farmers will benefit from the money instead of those we imported from outside,” he added.

He said it’s better to help support the local farmers than spending big money overseas to get what the local farmers can produce.

“It’s just an idea but we have seen a lot of people are interested to buy it,” he said.

Pollard said the product is available only at the Bulkshop shops in Honiara selling at $12.50, but if any store wants to buy and resell it, that’s not a problem.

“It’s quite expensive due to less production and oil cost but because it’s a local product; it has quality and at the same time healthy for human consumption,” he said.

He said as time goes on and the products gets popular, they will be looking at increasing the number of production and lessen its price. 




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