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Pollard: High tax on farmers slows economy

06 January 2020
Bob Pollard.

Managing Director of the Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands (KPSI), Mr Bob Pollard said the high tax and high charges imposed for services to local farmers has caused the slow economic boost for the country. 

Mr Pollard made the statement following his business achievement for receiving two major awards of the 2019 Business Excellence award organised by the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce (SICCI), December last year.

He said the theme of the night was perfect calling for partnership together, but the important thing is how it would be work out for the businesses.

“As I can see, many of us still running their own private businesses on their own with some with little minded not wanting others to up which is not good,” he said.

He said business partnership between businesses in Solomon Islands really needs to step up into higher level.

Pollard said the Prime Minister's award though was good, there’s more to be done by the government to help the businesses going forward.

 “I am just wondering what the government has done or busy with because our farmers are still suffering with no good transport services, infrastructure is not good and taxes are too high for them,” he said.

He said the Solomon Islands Ports Authority also has very high charges with unnecessary fees which make it harder for our business to operate well. 

“They don’t realised that with those unnecessary fees and high charges, the main people who are suffering to pay those fees are the farmers,” he said.

Mr. Pollard said when people heard such awards or support from Ports Authority to bigger sports team; it’s just the money from the farmers.

“I think if the services are lowered at the Ports Authority and less tax imposed, I believe we can make more exports and more farmers can enjoy and increase their production,” he said.   

Meanwhile Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands (KPSI) Company is the winner of both the runner up of 2019 Prime Minister Business Excellence of the year award and the Agri business of the Year award.

Mr Bob Pollard said those words are like a motivation and encouragement not only to them but other businesses that also have the same passion in agriculture.

KPSI has a full time staff of 20 in Honiara and range of rural suppliers based around the country and has been in operation since 2004 with a primary goal of raising the well-being of coconut communities through the production of premium grade virgin coconut oil and other coconut products.

As highlighted during the award ceremony, KPSI suppliers are mostly family run businesses who use the KPSI direct micro expelling technology, to extract the oil which is then graded and filtered and then marketed in Solomon’s and overseas. 

KPSI’s coconut oil is organically certified, so they are able to sell to premium markets where high quality is essential. KPSI is passionate about empowering rural Solomon Islanders. 

“Their motto ‘improving village livelihoods’ drives their daily decisions and strategic direction.”

During the recent Strongim Bisnis Christmas market, KPSI has also launched its newest products called Tuna in Kokonut oil.

Pollard said the Tuna was originally from the Soltuna but the oil used is from the coconut oil from Solomon Islands and not imported oils like in other of Soltuna products.

Pollard said it was an agreement with Soltuna to have the product labelled with their name because of their oil products.

“It’s a new product and as we all know, Tuna is one of our main food and with this initiative, we want to encourage our people to eat our locally made oil as they are more healthier than any other imported oils we have.




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