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Floating motel proposed

13 February 2020
The architectural design of floating motel.

A Floating Motel project is being proposed to be built in Malaita Province and it will be the first of its kind in Solomon Islands.

According to its architectural plan the floating-motel was designed at 100 feet long and 30 feet wide in size.

The project was locally initiated by a local building constructor Timothy Mauridala from Langalanga lagoon in Malaita since 2010.  

According to Mr Mauridala the project will cost $3.7 million to build.

“It will be a three storey floating motel infrastructure.

“The floating motel will have 16 self-contain rooms, bar, restaurant, conference room and a museum,” he said.

He said the work on the project is currently progressing well.

“We have been in a process of cutting timbers purposely for the construction of the floating motel project.

“We will start building the floating motel when funding is available,” Mr Mauridala

He said the duration of the project is estimated at 310 days for the project to complete.

He believes the project is a very important development that needs government support to boost the tourism industry, not only for the province but the country as a whole.

He said a proposal document of the project is now available and will be submitted to the responsible government ministries.

“I appeal to the government to support the project as a way forward to boost tourism industry in the country,” he said.

He believes that once the project successful it contributes in creating job opportunity for Solomon islanders.

In Auki