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Reopening DBSI to benefit rural businesses: Marau

15 March 2020
William Marau.

The Minister of Lands, Housing and Survey, William Bradford Marau says the re-opening of DBSI will be good for the Makira Ulawa Province’s rural people wanting to develop their resources.

He says resource owners should start thinking about venturing into new down-stream processing and industrial activities, and the use of modern technology in business on their lands, because they could get financial assistance from DBSI as these commercial undertakings could strengthen the national economy.

MrMarau says while he is disappointed the National Government has not allocated any particular national projects for Makira Ulawa Province, the Land Reform and the re-opening of the Development Bank of Solomon Islands are government projects.

He says DBSI can help new and current enterprises to develop, promote, establish and maintain import substitutions and exports with microloans or any other industries could get assistance from the Government’s Small, Medium Enterprises Scheme.

In Kira Kira