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07 April 2020

The Solomon Islands National Provident Fund Board wants to thank all the members who had so far visited our designate sites at our Town Ground Property and the Honiara High School Hall for your support, cooperation, respect, and patience. You came with dignity to collect your application forms and later when you lodge your forms.

At the close of business on Monday the 6th of April, 2020 we had received and accepted 1,594 applications for COVID exemptions at our Honiara High School Hall designated site. Most are unemployed members. Last week on 2nd April 2020, 384 applications were received and accepted.

We are now sorting these 2,000 applications received through our designated sites with bank and no bank accounts.

The majority of you members have no bank accounts. With the expected high number of you in this category, is a challenge to make payments to you and for you to receive payments.

Especially in this current state of emergency banks will follow social distancing and no large gathering of people measures.

We will contact members by phone or by text to advise when your payments are ready i.e. through your employers that we have deposited funds into your bank accounts or individually to those with bank accounts. Those with no bank accounts will also be advised when their payments are ready, and how and where they will receive their payments.

SINPF responsible staff will strictly process applications by the dates we received them. For example, applications we received on 2nd April 2020 will be processed first for payments.

We have a target 7 days turnaround time to accept and process applications (with all complete information) for payment.

We will work to meet this target. So members after 7 days of lodging your application, you will expect to receive a message from the SINPF on your payment.

Once again we would once again appreciate your cooperation, support, and patience we enter the next phase of making payments.

It will be challenging because the infrastructure to support making large cash payments at the SINPF is limited especially with those members with no banks.

Members with bank accounts should have no problem with receiving their payments.




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