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Temotuans urged to return

05 June 2014

Temotu provincial government (TPG) is appealing to all indigenous Temotuans living in and around the country who have nothing to do to return home and work on their plantations.

This came after a new company from USA would start buying copra around the province.

Temotu provincial minister of commerce, trade & infrastructure Edwin Meibua said this in an interview with the Solomon Star last Sunday.

Mr Meibua said that Temotu province had sealed a  new  business opportunity from a USA company based in Vanuatu to buy copra around the province this month.

“This deal had been signed and the company should start buying copra later this month.

“Therefore I urged every Temotuans who are living in and around the country doing nothing to return home and start engaging in copra businesses.

“This a blessing for the province and people who have coconut plantation should now start engage in copra,” he said.

“This is a golden opportunity for us. Please Temotuans return home and start working on the coconut plantation.

“Don’t reside on another man’s land, come home and do something to earn some income before you regret,” he added.