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Telekom urged to improve service

05 June 2014

People in Temotu are concern over what they labelled as unreliable network service by Our Telekom in province and they are urging the company to quickly fix its network as soon as possible.

Provincial minister of commerce, trade & infrastructure Edwin Meibua in an interview with Solomon Star yesterday said they found it so hard to communicate back home since the network is unreliable.

“Therefore I urged the company to quickly fix  the network service as soon as possible because we spend money every day to pay for top up to communicate back with our families back home. But the service is not that reliable.

“Most of the people in the province are relying very much on the service to communicate with each other,” he said.

Mr Edwin said the network had started experiencing problem since last week.

“Every time when we rung home we could not able to properly here voices and sound in the phone.

“Sometimes credits runs out without using it. Therefore I urge Our Telekom to quickly fix the network as soon as possible,” Mr Meibua said.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for the company when contacted yesterday said a tower in Temotu is currently experiencing mechanical problem and attempts are being made to rectify the problem.

“The company’s engineers are aware of it and will work to fix the problem.”

The spokesperson urged the people in the province to be patient while the company addresses the problem.