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HCC addresses clothe vendors’s fee  

10 July 2020
Rence Sore.

LOCAL clothing vendors at the Honiara Central Market on Thursday met with the Honiara City Council (HCC) executive to raise their concern about the way fees are being charged.

The vendors met City Clerk Rence Sore during a round table discussion to share their concerns about the changes in fee charges.

The new charges were imposed after HCC allowed clothe vendors to resume selling of clothes at the market early this month. 

Speaking at the meeting a spokesperson for the vendors said most of them are unhappy and affected with the new fees being imposed. 

They said normally they would pay $60 daily per person before the COVID-19 hits.

When the state of emergency was declared they also went on a break.

But on the 1st of July when HCC allowed clothing vendors to recommence the sales of clothes, new charges were imposed, the spokesperson said. 

She explained at first HCC informed clothe vendors who occupy a tent at the market to pay $720 per fortnight and everyone agreed, because under a tent between 3 to 4 persons are occupying it. 

“Suddenly just yesterday (Wednesday) a new fee of $600 per person was imposed. That is $120 for storage and $480 for a market fee,” the spokesperson said. 

She added many clothe vendors would not afford that in a fortnight because there are other issues such as missing out on some days.

“Sometimes our child would be sick so we might not turn up at the market that day. 

“Therefore we kindly ask HCC if we can go back to the normal daily fee taking,” the spokesperson appealed. 

Mr. Sore following the discussion thanked the vendors for raising their concerns with them.

He admitted that everyone is affected by the pandemic and therefore in the meantime, daily fees will be charged until things return to normal. 

“We will impose the daily fees while the fortnightly fee charges will be applied when everything is back to normal,” assured the city clerk. 

The clothe vendors then thanked the clerk and HCC executive for their understanding of addressing their concerns.

They promised to work closely with HCC.