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Gold Ridge Mining Limited donates to schools

20 September 2020
Chairs and desks donated to Pitukoli Community High School (Downstream community) in North East Guadalcanal by Gold Ridge Mining Limited.

The ownership of Gold Ridge Mining Limited (GRML) consists of Wanguo International Mining Group (70 percent), AXF Resources (20 percent) and Gold Ridge Landowners through the investment company Goldridge Communities Investment Ltd (GCIL) (10 percent). 

This ownership structure, with landowners having equity in the project and representation on the Board of GRML, means that the interests of landowners and project investors are aligned and that the company has a genuine commitment to ensure that the growth and profit potential of the mine is optimised for the long-term benefit of the shareholders (which includes landowners and their communities), as well as the nation.

From the very beginning of this partnership, GRML has made its commitment to support landowners and communities realise benefits from Gold Ridge Mine. GRML appreciate Gold Ridge landowners’ patience and understanding on the challenges that the company has been facing over the past few years, as well as their continuous support to the project.

While the project recommissioning is being progressed, GRML have been supporting a targeted range of social infrastructure projects in relocation villages and communities in its vicinity. With that commitment, GRML donated three sets of Early Childhood learning materials in December 2019 and January 2020 to three schools in its vicinity, Oboobo Early Childhood department, Bemuta Early Childhood Department and Pitukoli Early Childhood department.

Furthermore, GRML continue to render its support of school furniture to the above schools. Obo obo primary school received 25 pairs of chairs and desks, Bemuta primary school received 25 pairs of chairs and desks and Pitukoli Community High School received 35 pairs of chairs and desks in the month of August 2020.

Teachers and students expressed their appreciation and thanked GRML for its generous support and looked forward for continuous support from the company in the future.

GRML acknowledged that these are only small steps towards a prosperous development in Gold Ridge communities, and will continue to work closely with schools and other interest groups to develop the Gold Ridge communities.



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