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Calls for BSP to expand services in Gizo

09 October 2020

WITH the rising numbers of Bank South Pacific (BSP) customers accessing services at the Gizo branch after the closure of ANZ in Gizo, Western Province, there are calls for BSP to expand its services.

A concerned man speaking on behalf of a number of BSP customers said BSP management should consider expanding its services.

A Gizo resident Ken Samu speaking to the paper yesterday said since the closure of ANZ a majority of customers have switched to BSP.

And this had affected the services provided by BSP at its only branch in Gizo, he said.

Mr. Samu said over the past weeks there were endless numbers of customers standing in queue for hours inside the branch and outside to make deposits or make withdrawals.

He said during peak times there would be customers lining in front of the only two ATM machines.

“At times when only one ATM is working, its really frustrating because customers would stand for more than an hour to get cash.

“Sometimes cash would run out,” he said.

During bad weather customers have no choice but to endure the rain just to stand in line to access the service, he added.

Mr. Samu claimed a few weeks ago, he spent more than two hours inside the branch just to access the service.

With COVID-19 and the issue of social distancing, it is also affecting the service inside the bank, where minimal customers are accessing the service inside.

He pointed out that there many government officers like teachers, police, loggers, and other government workers from the nearby islands that would travel to Gizo to withdraw their salaries each week and this is a real problem during their paydays.

He said yesterday and today, the situation was worse because of a huge number of teachers arriving in Gizo to get their salaries.

Mr. Samu suggested that it would be good if BSP could install two more ATMs around Gizo to make it easy for customers.

Not only that but BSP to consider taking over the former ANZ head office in Gizo.

It is understood the situation has also been expressed through social media for the past weeks.

Attempts to get comments from BSP management in Honiara last night were unsuccessful.

However, comments are being sought on this issue.