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Govt, MARA sign tourism deal

21 October 2020
From left,Provincial secretary, Fredrick Fa’abasua, Premier Daniel Suidani, Minister of Culture and tourism Bartholomew Parapolo and PS Andrew Nihopara. [Photo: Wilson Saeni]

MALAITA Provincial Government (MPG) and Ministry of Culture and Tourism have signed a historical memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a number of tourism projects in Malaita.

The signing was held in Auki on Tuesday.

The signing was done between Malaita Provine Premier Daniel Suidani and Minister of Ministry of Culture and Tourism Bartholomew Parapolo.

It was witnessed by the Malaita provincial Secretary Fredrick Fa’abasua, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Andrew Nihopara, and Members of the Province Assembly (MPA) within the Malaita Provincial Executive.

The signing means a Ministry of culture and Tourism complex will be built in a piece of land earmarked for the tourism office in Auki. 

Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani said the Malaita Province under Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) Government wholeheartedly welcomes the engagement.

He said MARA government believes the MOU signing will pave the way forward to ensure the culture and tourism sector of the province plays an important role in the development of the province and Solomon Islands at large.

He said his government is pleased to sign the second MOU with mother ministries.

“Not long ago my government has signed a historical MOU with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine resource on the Bina Tuna Processing Plant Project.

“This is the way we believe we should do things collaboratively,” the premier said.

The premier added Malaita province holds some of the unique cultures and traditions not only of Solomon Islands but to the rest of the world.

“As such as part of the human society our unique cultures and traditions must be shared with the rest of human society so as to let others appreciate the dynamic of human society.”

He said Malaita Province as far as tourism is concerned is a very viable place to come to.

“Malaita Province has a well-established transport network with daily sea and air services from Honiara to Auki.

“I believe reliable transport is a key element to the well-functioning tourism industry and we here in Malaita have that well covered. Similarly, in terms of surfing, Malaita Province also has good surfing ground that could attract tourism to the province.

“I encourage you to come to our islands and see for yourself that we do have those as well.

“Malaita Province is only one of the few places in the Solomon Islands that one would find some communities still living and practicing authentic paganism. “This traditional way of life is still alive and well looked after by our people and it uniqueness is comparable to none,” the premier said.

Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of culture and Tourism Andrew Nihopara highlighted few contents of the MOU.

He said the MOU is to provide a platform for Malaita Provincial Government and the ministry to engage in the tourism sector.

He said it's very important to transform the content of the platform into an implementable phase of development.

He said his ministry is committed as the approach is part of redirection of the ministry.

Auki News Bureau