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Solomon cocoa products launched in NZ

07 November 2020
Customers in New Zealand holding Solomon Islands cocoa products. [Photo: Strongim Bisnis]

SOLOMON Islands cocoa company, Cathliro, achieved international success last month, launching a range of cocoa products in New Zealand. Cathliro was supported in this venture by the Australian Government initiative, Strongim Bisnis.

Cathliro’s products were launched in over 30 speciality and whole food grocery stores throughout New Zealand. The products were made from Solomon Islands grown cocoa. The range included cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, cocoa tea, and sun-dried cocoa beans and roasted peeled cocoa beans. 

The products were launched under the brand name “Pacifica Raw”. This brand is collaboration between Cathliro and New Zealand chocolaterie company, She Universe. Strongim Bisnis supported this collaboration by introducing and facilitating the partnership between Cathliro and She Universe.

Australian High Commission, First Secretary Economics, Cailin Lucas, said “Exporting Solomon Islands grown products internationally creates new market opportunities for local businesses and showcases Solomon Islands to other countries. The Australian Government is pleased to help Solomon Islands businesses achieve this success and build resilience against the economic challenges caused by the Coronovirus pandemic”.

To launch Pacifica Raw’s products, tasting events were held at the largest store of the primary Auckland stockist, IE Produce. Customers at this store gave favourable feedback when tasting Solomon Islands’ cocoa. The most popular tastings included cocoa powder sprinkled over coconut yoghurt, and peeled cocoa beans. 

Pacifica Raw’s products will be launched in She Universes’ chocolaterie during November. She Universe will host three launch events, present the products at two trade shows in Auckland, and run a tasting event in stores in December.

Pacifica Raw’s cocoa is sourced by Cathliro, from cocoa farmers primarily in Guadalcanal and Isabel provinces. Cathliro is a female-led, Solomon Islands enterprise, operated by Diana Yates. The company works with cocoa farmers and women’s groups to improve cocoa farming practices and teach Solomon Islands communities how to process cocoa into value-added products, such as cocoa nibs and chocolate, within the village. 

Strongim Bisnis partners with Cathliro to facilitate its activities, as part of Strongim Bisnis’ efforts to develop COVID-19 resilient businesses. Strongim Bisnis is an Australian Government initiative that supports growth in the tourism, cocoa and coconut sectors with a strong focus on supporting women, youth and people with disability.