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Piggery farmers urged to use biogas

13 June 2014

Piggery business farmers have been urged to go into use of biogas as a means to minimize wastes using waste management, improve sanitation and help reduce carbon emission.

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Chief Field Officer Operations, Willie Tuita said biogas is a new thing but is very effective to help local farmers.

He said the simple designed and approach used in this biogas model is really good for rural farmers.

“It sure helps save money, destruction of forest by using firewood, reduces carbon emission and helps improve sanitation, livelihood with proper waste management.”

Mr Tuita said the program has been implementation in Choiseul Province; therefore it is encouraging to have farmers from other provinces to grasp that approach in the future.

“It is one of the best forms of making income because it reduces expenses and is environmentally friendly,” he said.