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Pineapple farmers benefit from sales

28 November 2020
A Malaita boy selling pineapples at the Central Market in Honiara.

IT’S the time of the year again for pineapples to be in season and once again, Auki market in the Malaita Province has abounded with the crop.

The most popular region known for farming the tropical crop is in West Kwaio where local farmers have been engaged in growing pineapple for many years.

Since October, the Auki market has been flooded with sweet pineapples and this is hoped to continue until December.

The demand for pineapple is not only restricted to the Auki market alone, Honiara’s Central Market is also experiencing truckloads of pineapples by the day.

Pineapple farmers in West Kwaio have benefited from the sale of the crop for many years and have helped to realize many dreams.

 “Pineapple farming has really helped some of us to save money to meet school fees, family needs, and important cultural obligations such as pride price,” a farmer said.

According to ‘SB Herald news’, Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement is anticipating the implementation of the Bonale Pineapple project in West Kwaio sometime soon.

“The project will be implemented through the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour, and Immigration.

“The project is currently progressing and expected to be operational soon.

“All architectural designs, building tenders, and the majority of the technical phase of the project are already completed.  

“When operational, the project would allow people from Bina Harbour area in West Kwaio to access market for their pineapple products.

“The DCGA acknowledges West Kwaio farmers for producing some of the sweetest pineapples in the country,” the Herald News stated.

Just recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) and the Malaita Provincial Government (MPG) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for agriculture cooperation between the Ministry and the Province.

The MoU was signed by MAL Minister Senley Levi Filualea and MPG Premier Daniel Suidani in Auki on 3rd November 2020.

Minister Filualea in his official remarks emphasizes that the event is of great significance as it captures the need for a collaborative effort to addressing the challenges that are faced by the province as far as large-scale agriculture developments are a concerned.

He added that the MoU is based on mutual interest and shared responsibilities with the purpose to enhance Food Security and Livelihoods for the people of Malaita and Solomon Islands.

Malaita Provincial Government, Premier Daniel Suidani affirmed that the event marked a new journey in the development of Agriculture and livestock in Malaita Province and certainly in the Solomon Islands.

“This is a new journey based on mutual cooperation and shared responsibilities. Especially in addressing multiple challenges that often confront us in large scale Agriculture endeavours. 

“Mindful of those challenges, we must take stock of our past disappointments and thereupon forge a new outlook for our agricultural sector,” Premier Suidani said.

Mr. Suidani believes that the engagement and partnership between MAL and MPG through the MoU will pave the way forward to ensuring the agriculture and livestock sectors of the province play an important role in the economic development of the province and SI at large.

“Agriculture as we know is the pillar through which our society survives. Therefore it is an industry that we can all participate in more than any other sector. 

“However, as our society expands and grows in population, we need to expand and grow the way we see agriculture as well for better economic status and food security. 

“For me, this is exactly what the province is determined to embark on - finding new ways and approaches to work collaboratively in the agriculture sector to achieve better results,” Premier Suidani emphasized.

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