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Remote Ropa Island connected

13 June 2014

OUR Telekom continues to expand to rural customers with a recent launching of a new network tower at Posarae village, South Choiseul.

The tower is located at Ropa Island in South Choiseul.

Provincial member Harrison Benjamin during the launching said the launching marked a milestone intrusion of technology for the betterment of people.

“Seventy years ago, there was only a radio wireless at the village and that’s the only means of communication to the outside parts of the country.

“But during those days, letters and passing messages through people were the normal practice.

He said some years later, that only radio wireless was out of use making communication difficult again.

“As modern communication started to arrive in Solomon Islands, people of Katupika ward are watching it and have been dreaming that one day, easy communication will find them.”

He said the installation of the mobile tower at Ropa Island is a new development for the people of Katupika ward and a beneficial one.

At Posarae village where the launching took place many speakers welcomed the arrival of the modern communication at their door step and acknowledge Our Telekom for bringing the world closer to them.

Our Telekom is the sole provider of both landline and mobile phone communication in the provinces.

Landline phone communication can only be found only on Taro Island.

However, Telekom also covers the island with mobile phone towers.