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08 February 2021
Honorable Bodo Dettke displaying the flour made from green bananas. [Photo supplied]

MP undertakes new initiative


MEMBER of Parliament (MP) for North West Guadalcanal Boddo Dettke has initiated a new development program for his constituency.

The initiator of Noni products in the country has gone on further by introducing this new development plan for his constituency to start the production of baking flour made from green bananas.

A recent report shows the first 2 kg sample of flour powder from green banana was successfully produced last week.

It was used to bake make muffins and bread and it is promoted by Break Water Café.

This is a new industry for North West Guadalcanal following the start of Noni drink production in the country.

MP Dettke said he will find a commercial way for his banana farmers in North West Guadalcanal to make money out of bananas, instead of being unsold in Honiara Markets because of oversupply.

Many have applauded Mr Dettke for this approach describing it as the way forward to help farmers as well as people from rural areas.