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MP praised for ‘Banana flour’ discovery

11 February 2021
Bodo Dettke showing a sample of the Banana flour.

MEMBER of Parliament (MP) for North West Guadalcanal, Bodo Dettke has received widespread commendation from the public for uncovering his constituency’s tale on producing flour from the Banana plant.

Over the weekend Mr. Dettke launched and introduced one of his constituency’s new innovative products - the Banana flour products.

“I will find a commercial way for banana farmers in North West Guadalcanal to make money from their bananas instead of leaving them to rot at the Honiara Markets when there’s more supply,” he said.

In the social media forums, commentators have described the MP’s move as beneficial to all Banana farmers in Guadalcanal or even the country as a whole.

“He is less active in Parliament but he has contributed a lot towards improving the lives of his constituents,” one commentator said.

Apart from the Banana flour, Dettke had Noni products manufactured from his Noni Factory at KG.

Other MPs are encouraged by the public to be innovative like Dettke so that the economy of this country can be stimulated.

Newsroom, Honiara