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Kava farmers hail visit by DBSI

12 February 2021
DBSI Chief Executive Officer Tukana Bovoro far right, in a meeting with farmers in Malaita last week.

RURAL Kava farmers in West and Central Kwara’ae constituency, Malaita Province have acknowledged the visit by the Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Development Bank of Solomon Islands (DBSI) Tukana Bovoro to Malaita last week.

Speaking on behalf of the Kava farmers at Gwariagalu, Central Kwara’ae Dudley Ramo acknowledged the visiting saying; “This is the first time for me to hear about DBSI and its services that provide the opportunity for farmers like as to seek assistance.”

Mr. Ramo told Bovoro that the farmers really appreciate the visit which offered the farmers opportunity to hear and learn about DBSI and the process involved if they want to borrow money from the bank.

“This is a kind of approach we need, farmers expect leaders to come down and sit with us by working together to achieve real development at the community level,” Mr. Ramo said.

Malaita Rural News Forum reported that the interim DBSI chief was impressed with kava farmers during his visit.

“Yes, I am happy to see the ways rural farmers have raised their kava at the village,” Bovoro said.

Auki News Bureau