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Cattle farm at Atori rehabilitated

17 February 2021
Malaita Province farm Manager Ledley Diudi (left) speaking at community gathering at Atori last week.

THE Malaita Provincial Government (MPG) has moved into rehabilitating its old cattle farm at Atori in the eastern region of Malaita.

The rehabilitation program is part of MPG’s commitment to revive and rehabilitate its cattle farms in the province. 

A clearance - work at the Atori farm site has already commenced.

Local communities have been contracted to do brushing, clearing, and cutting down of trees.

Work commenced after the communities agreed and signed a working contract with the provincial government.

A team from MPG’s agriculture division has already conducted a consultation with local communities as part of the project revival. 

MPG’s farm manager Ledley Diudi told the Solomon Star that two consultations have already been done with communities around the Atori cattle farm.

He said an agreement to clean up the cattle farm area has been agreed upon and signed by the communities with the provincial government.

He said at this stage clearance –works are in progress at the site and expected to be completed very soon.

“Works has already started and that should include bush clearance. 

“Fencing and grass planting should be next,” Mr. Diudi said.

He said the program is fully supported by the Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement Government.

Dala cattle farm in West Kwara’ae is another targeted project.

It has reportedly improved with the numbers of cattle continue to increase.

Auki News Bureau