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Local Cacao Beans showcased at FOODEX 2021

29 April 2021

LOCAL Solomon Islands Cacao Beans were being displayed at the Asia FOODEX 2021 in a market debut in Japan, it was reported. 

Asia FOODEX 2021, the largest food exhibition in Asia, was held in Tokyo in March this year and attracted the attention of food buyers around the world.

More than 90% of cocoa beans, the main industry in the Solomon Islands, goes to Malaysia. This year, 12 tons of beans were exported to Japan for the first time in the history of trade between the two countries.

This project was carried out by the non-governmental organization (NGO) Asia Pacific Sustainable Development (APSD), which operates in Japan and the Solomon Islands, to support small-scale farmers in the Solomon Islands. In addition to providing an introduction of the Solomon Islands and cacao beans, Ngali nuts and coffee were also exhibited at the exhibition. Buyers were particularly interested in organic farming and its rarity.

APSD said that it aims to develop products such as chocolate in addition to developing the market in Japan and making agricultural products from the Solomon Islands popular.

This project was successful due to all Japanese cooperation of the Japanese government, JICA, and Pacific Islands Centre, with the support for small-scale industries that Cosmo Energy Holdings of Japan promised when upon awarding of the Solomon Islands medal in 1996.

It was said that it is aimed to continue to promote small-scale industries between the two countries and lead to sustainable development.

By John Mark Giloa,
Manager APSD Solomon Islands