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Pandemic affects Auki-based Tourist hotspot 

18 May 2021
A view of Serah’s lagoon Hideaway. Inset, Serah Kei Tanneberger. [Photo: Solomon Lofana]

A popular local tourism Provider in Malaita province – Serah's Lagoon Hideaway like other tourism operators in the country is feeling the pinch on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The three year-old business has struggled to stay afloat to maintain its operation of running the service, says owner Serah Kei Tanneberger.

The services that has been provided at Sera’s Lagoon Hideaway is mainly for overseas visitors; however since the Covid -19 pandemic, it is directly affecting small businesses including tourism industries down at the province level.

Mrs. Tanneberger said since the country activated its measures to control COVID-19 it has really affected her business as a tourism operator.

The pandemic has totally blocked the flow of her overseas customers and income into her business.

She said since the closure of international borders caused by the COVID-19, there had been no foreign guests visiting her place.

The Serah’s Lagoon Hideaway was officially launched and started operating in 2019, just two years ago.

 “The COVID-19 pandemic has placed the level of my business down. To make it worse, my business was just officially opened in 2019.”

“This place has started to gain popularity when this COVID-19 hit. It’s really a bad start for this business,” Mrs. Tanneberger said. 

However she said the business now depends on local businesses and government meeting as her customers.


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