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Airlines introduces new online ‘Flex-Pricer’ booking system

29 July 2014

Solomon Airlines has introduced a new highly streamlined online ‘Flex-Pricer’ booking functionality providing a number of advantages for both its passengers and the international travel industry.

The new system offers the ability to book multi-sector flights in a single ticket allowing both international flights and domestic connections to be actioned at the same time.

‘Flex-Pricer’ also allows international travellers to combine business class bookings with economy class connections in a single ticket and currency.

In the event flights are not available for a particular date or connection, the system automatically provides users with a range of optional dates to select from along with any current special fares or discounts readily displayed.

Announcing the news, Solomon Airlines general manager operations and commercial, Gus Kraus said the implementation of the new ‘Flex-Pricer’ system would significantly improve the airline’s ability to provide a simplified but very effective streamlining of bookings, flight options and fares for both the travel industry and consumers alike.

The new booking functionality is being implemented by Tomahawk, a New Zealand based company that specialises in airline and tourism systems, software development and digital marketing.

The Flexi Pricer system is just one of a number of new features that Solomon Airlines is currently working on with the company to improve its customers’ online service and experience.