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National tourism forum tomorrow

29 July 2014

The Our Telekom national tourism forum jointly organised by the Solomon Island Visitors Bureau (SIVB) and ministry of culture and tourism will start in Honiara tomorrow.

The firstever national forum will feature both local and international speakers who will address various issues pertaining to the industry.

A statement from the organisers saidtIt is also hoped that following the forum, there will be some tangible and actionable items agreed upon that will drive and shape the future of the industry moving forward.

“The initiative is not just about the NTF but about shaping an industry that can become the largest foreign exchange earner for the country in the next few years.

“Tourism can drive economic growth, act as impetus in reducing urban drift (where operators are rural based), agent for poverty alleviation and many other tangible benefits.

“Tourism industry is at the crossroads in its development in the country. In the last 4 years the industry has been growing at an annual growth rate of about 3% in the face of some very difficult operating environment both globally and domestically.

“The growth rate whilst commendable is still well below the projected rate that the government and SIVB had been anticipating.”

The industry is therefore taking a STEP CHANGE in its approach in an attempt to accelerate growth and provide benefits to the national economy and ordinary Solomon Islanders.

The forum will be held at Heritage Park Hotel (one day only) starting 8am.