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No complaints receives from new tower

01 August 2014

Our Telekom office in Auki is yet to receive complaints concerning coverage of the new 13 towers.

The company’s public relation officer Lawrence Nodua said this is another good sign for the company when it comes to problems that usually affects the 11 towers that were installed some years back around the province.

He said so far two launching ceremony have been made at Gouna hill and Buma.

And he said public haven’t raised any complaints and problems associated with the new towers.

He acknowledged the service which enabled the people in the village to communicate with their relatives and family members.

Meanwhile Jimmy Nange the Auki manager assistance on Wednesday during the launching at Buma site said if anyone finds any problem with the new sites concerning coverage, let the office know so that the problem can be fixed.

He appealed to people living near the new sites to take extra care towards of the towers because those towers will benefit them in terms of communications.

“Caring attitudes is very much needed for these towers,” he said.

In Auki