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Investors taking risks to invest here

11 August 2014

INVESTORS of the country’s newly established bank – Pan Oceanic Bank (POB) are taking risks to invest in Solomon Islands.

Chief executive officer (CEO) of the bank Nihal Kekulawala in an interview with the paper fortnight ago said most of the people who have invested in the bank have taken a risk.

Therefore he added, as the head of the bank his team must work hard to make some returns and profit.

“Investors have taken a risk, as the CEO of this bank. I need to make sure for their risk we must make return.”

He explained that some of the investors are directors while others arenot with no business interest. They just bring in expertise to the table with various background and experience to support the bank with their knowledge and skills. Some of them have backgrounds in the area of engineering, legal, banking, airlines and so on.

“Some of these investors invested money.”

At the same time the CEO said the bank is here to serve the people while trying to make some money.

“From day one we want to serve the nation with our banking services and at the same balance it by making sure we make some return.

“We must ensure all stakes holders are a looked after. So its a binding act where investors have taken a risk and they need a return while at the same time we are trying to offer a service to the nation.”

Mr Kekulawala said as a financial institution they want to help provide an avenue to foster economic growth and provide locals the opportunity to engage in business and economic activities.

“As a locally incorporated bank based on the slogan ‘empowering the nation’ we need to do a lot to develop this nation, to facilitate economic development, assist not only the big entrepreneurs but the small medium scale and private businesses to serve everyone and their financial needs.”




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