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Telekom opens new office complex in Honiara

22 August 2014

OUR Telekom on Friday opened its brand new office right next to its headquarters in Honiara.

The office used to be the building housing Bank South Pacific (BSP).

The newly opened building will serve as Our Telekom’s Signature and Customer Care Centre.

Chairman of Our Telekom board Harry Kama said the company will use the newly opened facility to serve the nation’s telecommunication requirements.

He said the office will open to the public as of Monday.

“The design lay-out of the of this new building is of a modern shop that ensures our customers have easy access to products and an environment where customers can walk freely, touch and feel our products”.

Mr Kama said Telekom was serious in designing its services at the Provincial Centres.

“As part of modernising customer services, we are also redesigning our provincial shops to capture the modern and local theme- ‘Kabani Blo iu mi’.”

The location of the Telekom Haus has a long banking history.

It was the first office of the Australian Commonwealth Bank in early 1960s, then the National Bank of the Solomon Islands, and most recently, Bank South Pacific.

The new office was designed and constructed by Fletcher Kwaimani.

By Charley Piringi