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China United’s occupational permit is deemed unlawful

02 November 2014

THE occupational permit granted to China United to carryout businesses according to a modified development plan by the company is unlawful.

In 2012 and late last year, China United through its counsel, seeks approval from the Lands Minister and the Town and Country Planning Board to consent its modified development plan of Town Ground Plaza.

The modified development plan seeks occupancy licences to be awarded on a stage by stage completion of the Plaza building.

Recently, the Board has gone ahead to approve occupancy licence to the company following an advice from the Lands minister and in doing so, the board also intentionally sidelined conditions set out by the Health Inspectorates of Honiara City Council.

The Health Inspectorate Division of the council earlier made the conditions and these including entire building will undergo inspection since it was unoccupied for a lengthy period, an area that contained acid be contained and neutralized and part of the building that is damaged to be repaired.

In avoiding the conditions, the board has approved occupational permit to China United and recently the company has started letting spaces to business houses.