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Landowners urged to reopen Alite reef

05 November 2014

The Malaita Provincial Tourism Office has urged Alite reef landowners in Langalanga Lagoon, to reopen the renowned Alite reef, near Auki.

Provincial tourism officer Jackson Leaburi highlighted this during an interview with the Solomon Star, Wednesday.

Mr Leaburi said Malaita Provincial Government is working very hard to make sure Malaita people are opening up their land for development.
“Our province has many land disputes which has denied the province and its people much needed economic activity.

“Any one area which also under dispute is tourism industry like the Alite reef which is the best most  attracted reef in the pacific where many tourist from around the world are keen to visit.

“I think its time now landowners of this reef should allow the reef for commercial activities,” Mr Leaburi said.

By opening up the reef, it would benefit the people with tourists coming into visit the site, he said.

Ongoing land dispute like this will not do any good to the people and they will miss out on the potential benefits of tourist visiting their area, he added.

“Therefore I call on my good  landowner of Alite reef to open up their reef to allow cruise boats to visit their reef so that they could able to receive some forms of benefits.”

Mr Leaburi thanked Alite reef landowners who are working closely with the Malaita Tourism Office to reopen the Alite reef for cruise tourism.